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Pastor Gary Barker and his beautiful wife Dr. Sonya Barker founded Grace Station Underground in 2017. Barker spreads his messages for the purpose of helping people see their truths and helping lost souls find their way. Their are many programs here at the station. We have moved from "The Lux" and have opened at the new location. Lead Pastor Barker felt the calling of God and saw a need in the community for a family friendly place where people can come and experience the love of Jesus. He along with his team, developed a plan to bring Christian based concerts, vocal competitions, teen nights and other events to the community that are affordable and some free that benefit the community and the people in it. Barker went to college and studied Hebrew and Latin and felt the need to share his calling.

Meet Our Members

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Apostle Gary Barker and wife Doctor Sonja Barker

Apostle Gary Barker has a mission to spread the words he has been blessed to receive. We are not asking for you to believe what you read but to experience and hear for yourself. Barker uses the programs at Grace Station Underground to reach out through varies means to bring the false doctoring out of religion as it tends to get taken out of context often as well as helping others connect whole heartly and spiritually. Gary was told one day he would be blessed meeting someone in the future. At first he paid no attention, until the day came when he meet his beautiful wife Doctor Sonja Barker and then they married. Years later and the Barker's are still happily married and helping their community. We hope you visit soon and see how true the messages spoken are.

Operations and Youth Pastor Joshua Barnett

Joshua Barnett is the Operations and Youth Pastor at Grace Station Underground. Joshua is passionate about helping others and takes time away from his family to help dedicate time to the mission of changing lives one life at a time. He does not just recite words or scriptures but believes in the words and messages he helps spread.

Pastor James Stewart

James Stewart is a Pastor at Grace Station Underground and enjoys helping spread the message the station has to bring through the studio. James enjoys playing the piano and up lifting others bringing light into their hearts and lives. It brings him great joy to fill others with the holy spirit in their hearts, souls and minds praising thy Heavenly Father through song and scripture.


We want to give a big shout out thank you to all of our sponsor's. It is due to our sponsors that we are able to touch as many lives as we do.  If you would like to join our sponsors, please send us a message as you will be helping brighten some ones future and uplift their  spirits. We humbly and graciously want to give thanks and appreciation. Contributions of any size goes toward the efforts of helping those less fortunate  and making a difference in their lives. 



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