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Welcome to Grace Station Underground, all is loved and welcomed. No judgement will be passed onto you, only acceptance. Our mission is to spread the love of Christ and bring the spirit into your heart. Letting the gospel fill your hearts and minds with joy and show you how the grace of God and Truth can bring about life-changing experiences. 

Thy Kingdom Come

Followers of Christ 
You been at a crossroad to long? In lack to long?
About to give up on God? Heavy burden? Need a touch of God?   GOD WILL CALL YOU TO BE HERE IS all I can tell you.....

Register to join us for conference coming up. You won't want to miss this 3 - Day Conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Testimony from Understanding

Testimony from those who have received the message Barker has been Blessed to receive and pass onto YOU. Have you read the bible? Did you know, it has been taken out of context and misunderstood by many. At the station we are asking you to come experience for yourself as many have. Below are testimonies from a few who have experienced Grace Station and the TRUTH that Barker brings.

Maria S.

"Pastor Barker gave me a life line when my whole life felt like it was sinking. I now have a renewed faith and my life has turned for the better"

Trevor G.

"Grace station gave me hope that I thought was lost forever"

Kelsey P.

"Mr. Barker seen I was on the street with no where to go and without me asking paid for me a room so I would not be in the cold with nothing in return. I will always be grateful. I now am now a member of Grace station, started a job, and buying my first home this year"


Dedication. Passion. Enlightenment

Our programs are about bringing ENLIGHTENMENT and helping lost souls find their way through Events, Concerts, and Teachings. The programs below represent GRACE Station Underground. In order for us to be able to keep helping people, we need your help no matter how small. Any donation would be helpful in  continuing to help change lives and continue spreading Barker's messages. Even if it is the donation of spreading our TRUTH to your neighbor, friend, family, or loved one. PLEASE click below on each program to learn more about why so many are tuning in to Grace Station AKA gsUnderground and how you can become apart of it.

Be Made Whole
Coming Soon
Dr. Sonya Barker Upper Room
Coming Soon
Grace Station Podcast
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Passage from Barker
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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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